Student Centric Learning (Problem Based Learning)

Student Centric Learning is a worldwide popular teaching methodology which provides a thorough understanding of the concepts and process through active learning and co-operative participation. The Innovative Teaching Learning Practice viz., Student Centric Learning (SCL) was introduced in this Polytechnic College during 2011. First of its kind in Polytechnic education in Tamil Nadu, based on Student Centric Learning, the Record of Workbook consisting of “Experiment”, “SCL Worksheet” and “Inference and application” has been introduced in the curriculum from 2014. The Students with different learning capabilities are divided into groups and they are provided with SCL Worksheets. They can discuss among themselves, google on Internet, refer books and solve the questions. This innovative practice kindles the students’ lateral thinking and promotes real application of the experiments in their fields of engineering. This helps the students to enhance the technical and communication skills and perform well in their interviews.