From the Principal's Desk….

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I feel greatly pleased to share my thoughts with you all.

It gives me a sense of pride to state that our institution has been conferred with IE(I) Best Chapter Award, Best IE(I) Student Award, Best Faculty Advisor Award and Best Project Awards from the IE(I) TamilNadu State Centre during the 4th IE(I) TamilNadu State Centre Students’ & Technicians’ Convention & National Seminar on “Innovation, Technology and Knowledge Economy” held at Adhiyaman College of Engineering, Hosur from 23.03.2018 to 24.03.2018. I appreciate the Faculty Advisor of IE(I), all the HoDs, faculty and students for their efforts to make these achievements possible.

We are in the finale of this academic year as the autonomous examinations commence from 5 April 2018. I wish all my dear students to spare their valuable time to put great efforts in performing well in the examinations. Your hard work and perseverance will certainly help you to do well with appropriate rewards.

As you are aware, the Expert Committee from the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) is scheduled to visit our institution for inspection during 27-29 April 2018. In this connection, I expect the fullest co-operation from all our stakeholders viz., Industries, Alumni, Faculty, Parents and Students in facing the NBA Experts’ Inspection.

I invite all the stakeholders to attend the interactive session on 28 April 2018 with the NBA Committee to showcase our strengths and achievements all through the untiring 60 years of noble cause of technical education. Your involvement and affinity with the institution will be well reflected in sparing your valuable time and participating in the interactive session and thereby give back to your alma mater which has shaped and framed you to be what you are today.

Also, I would like to inform all the HoDs, Faculty, staff and students of all the programmes to display the strengths of your respective programmes and present all the relevant details to the Expert Committee in a quick and smart manner. Also, learn to state the Vision, Mission, PEOs, POs, PSOs, COs of your programmes and the Outcome Based Education being followed in our institution for continuous improvement in the performance of the programme.

As a saying goes on, “When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved”, let’s work as a team to achieve the National Board of Accreditation for five diploma programmes for five years for the third term and thus set a benchmark for Polytechnic Colleges across the nation. I wish good luck to all the Programmes in this great endeavour.